Construction Logistics


Construction Logistics

Cosco Shipping Logistics provide full logistics management for all types of construction needs. We already deliver a wide range of materials on site including envelope/curtain wall glass, lifts, elevators and air conditioning units. Our team will ensure your development runs smoothly with a professional, well planned logistics strategy.

How Cosco Shipping Logistics UK can help

The team at Cosco Shipping Logistics understand the need for developers and construction companies to have a streamlined logistics operation. Below are just some of the benefits of using an experienced UK logistics operator like Cosco Shipping Logistics.

  • 200,000 sq ft of internal and external consolidation areas based in Essex
  • Heavy lift off loading facilities to cater for all types of products.
  • Stock management
  • WRRR/FORS accredited delivery fleet.
  • Fully audited and industry approved health and safety policy.
  • Waste management from construction site.
  • Fully trained and experienced staff.

Contact our Construction LogisticsĀ team

If you would like to arrange a call with one of our construction logistics team, you can fill in our contact form, or call now on +44(0) 1268 643000.